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#ifndef LOOM_H
#define LOOM_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
/* Version 0.1.1. */
/* Opaque type for a thread pool. */
struct loom;
/* Configuration struct. */
typedef struct {
/* Base-2 log for the task ring buffer, e.g. 8 => 256 slots.
* A larger ring buffer takes more memory, but allows for a
* larger backlog of tasks before the pool fills up and rejects
* new tasks outright. */
uint8_t ring_sz2;
/* Max delay when for idle tasks' exponential back-off. */
uint16_t max_delay;
/* How many threads to start during initialization. Otherwise,
* threads are started on demand, if new tasks are enqueued while
* all others are busy. (Defaults to 0.) */
uint16_t init_threads;
/* The max number of threads to run for the thread pool.
* Defaults to 8. */
uint16_t max_threads;
} loom_config;
/* Callback to run, with an environment pointer. (A closure.) */
typedef void (loom_task_cb)(void *env);
/* Callback to clean up the environment if the thread pool is
* shutting down & tasks are being canceled. */
typedef void (loom_cleanup_cb)(void *env);
/* A task to enqueue in the thread pool. *ENV is an arbitrary void pointer
* that will be passed to the callbacks. */
typedef struct {
loom_task_cb *task_cb;
loom_cleanup_cb *cleanup_cb;
void *env;
} loom_task;
/* Statistics from the currently running thread pool. */
typedef struct {
uint16_t active_threads;
uint16_t total_threads;
size_t backlog_size;
} loom_info;
/* Initialize a thread pool in *L, according to the configuration in CFG. */
typedef enum {
} loom_init_res;
loom_init_res loom_init(loom_config *cfg, struct loom **l);
/* Enqueue a task, which will be copied in to the thread pool by value.
* Returns whether the task was successfully enqueued - it can fail if
* the queue is full or if L or T are NULL.
* If BACKPRESSURE is non-NULL, the current backlog size will be written
* into it. This is a good way to push back against parts of the system
* which are inundating the thread pool with tasks.
* (*BACKPRESSURE / loom_queue_size(l) gives how full the queue is.) */
bool loom_enqueue(struct loom *l, loom_task *t, size_t *backpressure);
/* Get the size of the queue. */
size_t loom_queue_size(struct loom *l);
/* Get statistics from the currently running thread pool. */
bool loom_get_stats(struct loom *l, loom_info *info);
/* Send a shutdown notification to the thread pool. This may need to be
* called multiple times, as threads will not cancel remaining tasks,
* clean up, and terminate until they complete their current task, if any.
* Returns whether all threads have shut down. (Idempotent.)*/
bool loom_shutdown(struct loom *l);
/* Free the thread pool and other internal resources. This will
* internally call loom_shutdown until all threads have shut down. */
void loom_free(struct loom *l);
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