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local assert, print, require, string, tonumber, type =
assert, print, require, string, tonumber, type
local bc = require "bcryptc"
local _bcrypt, _gensalt = bc.bcrypt, bc.gensalt
-- Generate a salt, with a given cost.
function gensalt(cost)
return _gensalt(cost or 8)
-- Read version, cost, and salt from bcrypt hash string.
function parse(hash)
assert(type(hash) == "string")
local version, cost = hash:match("^%$(..)%$(..)%$")
if not version then return false end
local salt = string.sub(hash, 8, 29)
return version, tonumber(cost, 16), salt
-- Create a new password with a given salt.
function create(password, salt)
local hash = bc.bcrypt(password, salt)
local v, c, s = parse(hash)
local p = { raw=hash, version=v, cost=c, salt=s }
return p
-- Does a password encrypt to match the saved hash (using its salt and cost)?
function equal(password, hash)
local ver, cost, salt, raw
if type(hash) == "table" then
ver, cost, salt = hash.version, hash.cost, hash.salt
raw = hash.raw
elseif type(hash) == "string" then
raw = hash
ver, cost, salt = parse(hash)
if not ver then return false, "Not a valid bcrypt password entry" end
local np = create(password, raw)
return np.raw == raw