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require "evc"
local loop = evc.default_loop()
-- Typically, you want to run IO watchers in an embedded loop, since
-- backends such as epoll (on Linux) and kqueue (on BSD) scale better
-- than the defaults (select, poll), but they are only fully supported
-- with IO watchers.
local sups = evc.supported_backends()
local embs = evc.embeddable_backends()
local emb_backend
if sups.kqueue and embs.kqueue then emb_backend = "kqueue"
elseif sups.epoll and embs.epoll then emb_backend = "epoll"
else emb_backend = nil --just use default
local emb_loop = evc.loop_new(emb_backend)
print("emb_loop", emb_loop)
local emb = evc.embed_init(emb_loop)
print("emb", emb)
print "-- about to init io watcher"
local iow = evc.io_init(0, "r") --stdin, read
assert(iow, "io watcher init failed")
print "-- setting io cb"
iow:set_cb(function (w, ev)
print("STDIN is Readable")
local data, err = iow:read()
print(string.format("GOT: %q, error=%s", data, tostring(err)))
print "-- starting subloop and its io watcher"
print("io watcher's file descriptor is ", iow:fd())
print "-- about to loop, type something..."
print "Done"