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Lunatest is an xUnit-style, Lua-based unit testing framework with additional support for randomized testing (a la QuickCheck).

It's largely upwardly compatible from lunit, with the following changes:

  • Where lunit uses assert(), lunatest uses assert_true(). lunatest does not change any functions from the standard library.
  • If running tests in only one file, no module declaration is necessary.
  • For multiple suites, register them with lunatest.suite("file"). This uses require the file suite to return a table containing the suite related functions as well as the test functions. (Note: non local tests functions found outside the returned table go to the main suite.)
  • It doesn't have any dependencies except Lua, though if present, it will use lhf's lrandom module (for consistent pseudorandom numbers across operating systems) and luasocket's gettime() for timestamps).

The main (or only) test file should end in, and can be run as a normal lua script. The following command-line arguments are supported:

  • -v: verbose mode, which lists every test's name, result, and runtime.
  • -s / --suite pattern: Only run suite(s) with names matching the pattern.
  • -t / --test pattern: Only run test(s) with names matching the pattern.

For further examples, see the API documentation and included test suite.

Like Lua itself, Lunatest is distributed under the MIT license.


xUnit-style + randomized unit testing framework for Lua (and C projects using Lua, etc.)






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