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minimal plumbing to convert slides in markdown to reveal.js presentations via pandoc
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What is it?

Minimal plumbing to convert markdown to reveal.js and/or PDF slides.


Depends on pandoc and make. pandoc 1.11.1 or later is recommended. To generate PDFs, pdflatex is required - Get a LaTex distribution, such as TeXLive, proTeXt, or MacTeX. (BasicTeX is sufficient.)


To install an empty presentation, run markdown_to_reveal DEST_DIR. This will copy reveal.js, a Makefile, and a short example presentation to the destination.

To generate a presentation, edit (content) and/or template.revealjs (theme and some settings), then run make html or make pdf inside the presentation directory.


The reveal.js presentations are defined via CSS themes in reveal_js/css/theme/, and the beamer PDF presentations are customized via LaTeX beamer style files.

No attempt is made to connect the reveal.js-based slides' style to the LaTeX PDF slides' style, though if you want PDF slides that look like the reveal.js ones, it is possible to export reveal.js to PDF.


Creative-Commons garlic scapes image by Jeanette Irwin.

reveal.js is copyright 2013 Hakim El Hattab.


While having a licenese for what is essentially a short Makefile is a bit silly, it is released under the ISC license.

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