mark/sweep garbage collector for C
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oscar, for when memory leaks are making you grouchy.

oscar provides a mark and sweep garbage collector for a pool of equally-sized chunks of memory. It uses lazy sweeping, roughly as described here. The pool can be grown an demand, or kept inside a fixed-size pool of statically allocated memory. Marking and freeing behavior are specified via callbacks.

The GC should be reasonably efficient (though it is not generational). Its tests pass on OS X and OpenBSD, and it runs without Valgrind warnings.

The documentation is inside oscar.h. For usage examples, see the test suite (test.c).

For more information about garbage collectors, I recommend Paul R. Wilson's "Uniprocessor Garbage Collection Techniques", Jones, Hosking, and Moss's The Garbage Collection Handbook, and Jones & Lins' Garbage Collection: Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management.