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A skiplist-based ordered collection library.

Key Features:

  • Getting or popping the first or last value in the skiplist is very cheap.

  • Keys can have multiple values associated with them, if skiplist_add is used instead of skiplist_set.

  • The skiplist can be iterated over from the start, or beginning at an arbitrary key.

  • This library is distributed under the ISC License. You can use it freely, even for commercial purposes.

This library currently requires C99 (for __VA_ARGS__, stack-allocated arrays, and numeric types), but could be converted to C89 without a whole lot of work.

For more information on skiplists, see William Pugh's paper, "Skip Lists: A Probabilistic Alternative to Balanced Trees".

The skiplist.h file describes the interface.

skiplist_config.h contains a couple compile-time configuration options.

For further usage examples, see the test suite in test_skiplist.c and the benchmark suite in bench.c.