simple OpenBSD wifi network auth manager script
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This is a short script for managing auth info for multiple wireless networks on OpenBSD.


Create a file, ~/.wifidat , that looks something like this:

device="ral0"   -- device ID, as listed by ifconfig
sudo=true       -- use sudo before ifconfig command

Network{ key="home", nwid="thebatcave", wpa="pajamatime" }
Network{ key="coffeeshop", nwid="Coffee Mart", wep="0xdeadbeef" }
Network{ key="office", nwid="Corporate Guest Network", 
         wpa="meetingsFTW" }
Network{ key="library", nwid="lib_public" }

Each Network{} definition can have the following keys:

  • key = "name"
  • nwid = "NWID"
  • wpa = WPA key
  • wep = WEP key (yeah...)