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2x2 SVD of a matrix (Singular Value Decomposition) (C++)
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2x2 SVD of a matrix (Singular Value Decomposition) (C++) inspired from Eigen.

(MPL 2.0-license)

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     #include "svd_2x2.hpp"
     Tbx::Mat2 M( a, b,
                  c, d);
     // Compute full svd of M 
     Tbx::SVD_2x2 svd(M);

     // Retrieve M = U * S * Vt
     Tbx::Mat2 Vt = svd.matrix_v().transpose();
     Tbx::Mat2 U = svd.matrix_u();
     Tbx::Vec2 = svd.singular_values(); // Singular values diagonal matrix as a simple vector.
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