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Template program and exercises to learn OpenGL core 3 API and fundamentals of computer graphics
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This C++/Qt project defines the foundations to render 3D objects with OpenGl 3 Core profile 
OpenGl Core profile is NOT OpenGL legacy mode, in legacy mode you can use glBegin() and glEnd() direct draw commands which is not the case here.
We provide a "***.obj" parser for loading 3D objects as well as a rudimentary render loop and Window creation.

The student will have to code camera / shader setup / handle matrices etc.

You only need QT 5.0 or superior to build this project, however,
If its 5.3.1 there is a known bug (, 
you will need to install libEGL (in ubuntu package libegl1-mesa-dev) otherwise CMake will complain:
The imported target "Qt5::Gui" references the file "Qt5Gui_EGL_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND"

More instructions
The assignments and compilation instructions are in "00_INSTRUCTIONS/".
You must run the script "./00_INSTRUCTIONS/" to generate html files
such as "00_INSTURCTIONS/html_english/html/index.html". Tu run the script 
Doxygen needs to be installed (git BASH is required as well for windows user since it's a bash script).

Note: Html instructions files are generated from the source code and "./00_INSTRUCTIONS/lab_instructions/****.h"

The first assignment only requires to fill in the file src/rendersystem/renderer.cpp which contains a lot of explanations.

If your are a teacher the answers should be in the folder 00_ANSWERS (or message me through github to get access to OpenGL_core_3_lab_answers) (not all instructions were translated, if you need the rest please message me.)

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