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This example looks for format string vulnerability patterns.
Usage: python example_src/example_formatstring.c
from pygments.lexers import CLexer
from pygments.token import *
from crotch import Crotch
import sys
def start(ttype,tvalue): # Callable state declaration
if ttype is Token.Name and tvalue=="printf":
return "printf_nopunct" # Name of the next state returned
return "start" # Name of the next state returned
def printf_nopunct(ttype,tvalue):
if ttype is Token.Punctuation and tvalue=="(":
return "in_printf"
return "printf_nopunct"
def in_printf(ttype,tvalue):
if ttype is Token.String:
return "start"
if ttype is Token.Name:
return "wait_end"
return "in_printf"
def wait_end(ttype,tvalue):
if ttype is Token.Punctuation and tvalue==";":
return "end"
return "wait_end"
def end(ttype,tvalue):
return "start"
# Add your lexer filters here...
c=Crotch(sys.argv[1],lexer) # We provide the filename and a Lexer
c.set_start("start") # Set the start state
c.add_state("end",end,True) # The third argument states that this is an end state, where the code trace should be reported.