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Windows Privesc Check - PowerShell
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Windows Privesc Check - Powershell

After trying to fix the code of the original Windows Privesc Check tool and crying rivers of blood I decided to look for a more appropriate tool for the task. This is an experiment to implement similar functionality in Powershell, that is available by default in every Windows installation since Windows 7/Server 2008 R2.

This is my first Powershell project, but I still hope that my code will be better than the monolithic Python-Pyinstaller-ASCIIonly predecessor. Pull requests/Issue reports are welcome of course.

Current functionality

  • Check insecure permissions on
    • Service binaries
    • Directories in %PATH%
    • Files under %SYSTEMROOT%
    • Service related registry keys


I just try to list the most important things here:

  • Checks for DLL hijacking (will need PowerShell PETools)
  • Checks for Group Policy Preferences
  • Checks for Unattended.xml
  • Checks for unquoted service binary paths
  • Checks for registry key linking
  • Checks for Autorun and Startup scripts
  • Password policy checks

Similar tools

Similar functionality is implemented by the following tools:


@andrew_kabai for pointing me to PowerUp

@Carlos_Perez for his fine tutorials:

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