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Easy and simply execute your own act list.

Actlist will helps you to execute your desire things.

Just do focus only on coding to create what you want. and you can share with others to makes better world.



download exe or zip file and launch.

Mac OS X:

download dmg file and launch.

Language Requirements

  • Java 1.8 (with JavaFx)

Development setup

  • There are two ways to create an Actlist plugin. the first one is using starter-kit(which is highly recommended) and second one is creating java project manually.

    1. using starter-kit
    $ git clone

    2. or creating java project manually
    • Create a new Java project and configure to Maven project.

    • Add property, repository, parent and dependency information to pom.xml

    • Generate executable main class called that you assigned from mainClass property on pom.xml

    • Inherit the ActlistPlugin class in your Plugin class.

    • (Optional) to make a plugin that contains graphic things, you can write the Plugin.fxml file where in the same location.

    • (Optional) you can set the plugin's icon image to display on about menu (Right click > About) through Plugin.png. if not exists Plugin.png then default Actlist logo image will be displayed.

    • Done.

      Here is an example source code of

      package your.pkg;
      import org.silentsoft.actlist.plugin.ActlistPlugin;
      public class Plugin extends ActlistPlugin {
          public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {
          public Plugin() throws Exception {
              super("Example Plugin");
               * you can induce to use the latest version of the plugin to your users via
               * setPluginUpdateCheckURI(URI.create(""));
              setPluginAuthor("John Doe");
               * or you could use hyper-link via
               * setPluginAuthor("John Doe", URI.create(""));
              setPluginDescription("You can set the description of your plugin");
               * or you could use file via
               * setPluginDescription(getClass().getResource("/Plugin.description").toURI());
               * ! you can set the plugin's ChangeLog and License with same way
          protected void initialize() throws Exception {
          public void pluginActivated() throws Exception {
          public void pluginDeactivated() throws Exception {

For more information on ActlistPlugin development, see here

Change log

Please refer to CHANGELOG.


Please refer to LICENSE and NOTICE.

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