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Author: lexoyo
Lisence: GPL
Copyright: Silex Labs
SLBuilder is an open source project supported by Silex Labs.
SLBuilder is WYSIWYG editor to be integrated into an existing template systems, in web and native applications. It loads on top of your application and lets your users edit a design with drag and drops.
Screenshots and description
- update version of SLPlayer move index.html into demo
- edit in place / knob for manipulating elements, with a "+" on roll over at the bottom right, to open the widgets, to send to a layer, set as link to an existing page,...)
- widgets
. edit/create/delete a page (name, deeplink, seo, layers + list of layers of all pages to select?)
. edit/create/delete a layer (name, seo, pages)
. edit/create/delete a component (<=> properties but with editable name and type)
- split the list component and the header/body/footer layout
- make it possible to skin the widgets (pages, layers, comp, prop) as tool boxes or combo boxes, encapsulating them in one another
- other demos
. wysiwyg degrade
. silex proto
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