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About Silex, live web creation.

Silex, is a free and open source website builder in the cloud. Create websites directly in the browser without writing code. And it is suitable for professional designers to produce great websites without constraints. Silex is also known as the HTML5 editor.

Silex UI

Brought to you by Silex Labs team, promoting free software.


News and tutorials

Contact us and let people know about Silex

Host an instance of Silex on a server or run Silex on your computer

If you plan to host Silex for your clients, your users or the community, this section is for you.

See this help section about installing Silex on a server or on your computer, about environment variables, see how to run it with docker or build it from source, etc.

Please note that there is also an effort to make Silex a desktop software (in opposition to online app), you can test the offline version of Silex from here

Size of the project's code base

As of june 2017, around 100.000 lines of code. See github API count (includes blank lines and comments I guess):

JavaScript: 856643,
CSS: 82702,
HTML: 53727,
Shell: 1532

cb372's report:

File Type Files Lines of Code Total lines
JavaScript 422 138797 183644
Json 3 146 146
Text 12 0 1047
Shell 4 24 47
Stylesheets 90 17777 21504
Html 7 545 726

Cloc's report:

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
JavaScript                     404           9616          14937          50841
CSS                             75           1580           1652          11394
LESS                            20            141             87           1768
Markdown                        10            334              0            657
YAML                            14              3              1            581
HTML                             7            177             22            527
JSON                             3              0              0            146
Bourne Shell                     4              6             13             28
SUM:                           541          12030          16712          66869


These are the upstream projects we use in Silex

Prodotype in Silex

  • components data: prodotypeData.components.elementId = {} render: element.innerHTML ui: property component examples: slideshow, form, share bar
  • styles data: prodotypeData.styles.elementId = {} render: head.innerHTML ui: property style examples: text style, shadows, text special effects
  • behaviors data: prodotypeData.behaviors.elementId = {} render: element.className / attributes, dependency.js ui: property component examples: anim show, anim hover, resize to content, always visible / static, anchor
  • apps data: prodotypeData.apps = [] render: head.innerHTML ui: settings app examples: analytics,
  • fonts data: prodotypeData.fonts = [] render: head.innerHTML ui: settings fonts examples: google fonts, open fonts


  • git mv src/components => src/prodotype/components
  • create prodotype/styles
    • new tab in properties
    • text.ejs and text.yml
    • next iteration: themes, apply theme, save as theme...
  • create prodotype/behaviors
  • create prodotype/fonts, prodotype/apps