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##Road map

Right now, there is in the pipe the issues marked as feature on github. We considere their priority to be the number of +1 in the comments of the issues, so feel free to vote. You can also vote on bountysource and even back the features you need with a bounty.

You can also hire one of the contributors directly to develop a feature you require for your business.

Archive of the old road map

Todo: make this roadmap issues in github

####next priorities (2014-11)

Debug, stability, code quality, ux

  • page order?

Contextual tool bar like in google docs presentation

  • add page
  • save / open
  • undo redo
  • insert (image, text...) / delete
  • edit / change content
  • up/down the dom
  • ...


  • mobile/tablet/desktop modes
  • show / hide elements (elements list?)
  • navigation burger / group elements
  • publish responsive

Seo, accessibility

  • publication into multiple html pages, but Js redirect to index.html when not a bot or screen reader
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • w3c validator at 100% (drop google text editor?)

Dynamic sites (to produce blogs or content websites)

  • resize to content option
  • vertical flow: move everything bellow the element when resizing an element which is in a container which resizes to content too
  • dynamic element type: data source and template editor (markdown?)
  • integration with CMSs, APIs and backends as data sources



  • shortcuts (suppr, arrows, save, new, open)
  • set as default page (drag drop pages and change order)


  • difference entre typo dans l’editeur text et sur la scene
  • (done) detecter la couleur de fond (chercher le background color ou image dans les parents)


  • nav bar
  • vbox/hbox


  • (done) export (cleanup html, make zip with .html, .js, .css, all media)? + host on github or other free hosts?



File properties (in the settings dialog)

  • title and description and keywords
  • favicon

Contextual menu on the elements (menu bar under the menu like google?)

  • delete
  • lock/unlock position/size/in its container
  • up/down (z-index)
  • rotation


  • shadows

  • font-*

  • cursor

  • provide css classes

    • to prevent edit (no-resize-w, no-move, no-edit ...) - Class css pour lock w/h/x/y... Display none de l ui
    • to animate page transitions (from-left, from-right ...)
    • to layout content: static


Guarantee backward compatibility: notify users a new version is in production, offer ways to use older versions of Silex?

Continuous integration

Automatic installation

  • softaculous virtual install? vagrant?
  • bower?


  • Remove handlebars.js (and use jade on the server side instead?)
  • Unifile archi (cf unifile readme)

Debuging and better error handling

  • use sockets instead of http requests for publication and heavy processings


Nice to have :

  • publication: optimize and use to be notified when job is done + stop a job

  • multi user editing

    • save edited parts of the file only + notifications

    • OR WebRTC:

    • possible scenario:

      • ad a unique ID to all files (update when rename, create, ...)
      • ask all clients editing the same file permission to share
      • if file is different, break the synch or update?
      • use the undo/redo actions
      • some actions will need to be validated by the server: lock an element for editing, add element, change the dom outside an element
      • relay changes to an element to all clients
  • store current state on local storage (auto-save, propose to "open latest unsaved version" when opening a document)

  • deeplink to opened file (

  • indicates online/offline? file://localhost/Users/lexa/Dropbox/fdt-workspace/Silex/libs/closure/goog/demos/onlinehandler.html


Packaging / distribution

  • cf
  • App.js ?
  • chrome app
  • arvixe like service
  • add "multiple ftp" to file browser
  • newsletter editor or postcard editor
  • mainstream CMS page, article or theme editor
  • mockup tool
  • banner editor

####other features and ideas for plugins

Feature requests to considere

  • checkbox to adapt w/h to content

  • save offline and wait to be online

  • multi-user

  • view/hide markers = preview mode? en mode édition les éléments importées ont un contour gris hide = markers visible only on roll over tab shortcut + in the menu

  • Sélection multiple hors container / plusieurs containers

  • open recent files (use goog.History)

  • responsive mode

  • better HTML = ré-édition par des intégrateurs

  • Layout box: n accepte que des containers layout item qui ne se déplacent pas hors de la boite Quand ine layout box est sélectionnée, dans le Menu, on peut ajouter des layout items, mais pas dropper d éléments dans la layout box. Drag drop au sein du layout box?