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Silex and HTML

Silex has an HTML editor built-in. It lets you add standard HTLM language to your Silex websites.

Silex HTML editor

In addition, the files you edit in Silex are HTML files, so you can also edit them in a text editor.

About HTML

HTML is a stadard, used to describe content. Here are some useful links:

It is the complementary to the CSS and Javascript languages, which are also available in Silex. See the topics CSS in Silex, and Javascript in Silex.

Head tag

Many tools like google analytics (used to track your visitors), give you codes to be added to your website's head tag.

To edit the head tag of your website, click on the View menu and then HTML <head> editor. The HTML editor will appear and let you edit the HEAD tag of your document.

HTML box

The HTML box are elements which you can add to your website - insert menu + HTML box.

Silex HTML box element

An HTML box can be edited with the HTML editor included in Silex: simply double click on an HTML box to open the editor, or use the edit menu + Edit selection.

There you can add any HTML, Silex will not change it in any way. Iframes, divs, script tags... You can add whatever HTML you like there.

Embed code and widgets

The main usage of the HTML box is to include widgets from other sites and services, such as

All these services offer a widget for you to embed in Silex or any other HTML website. It is distributed to you under the form of an embed code, which is a small HTML snippet to copy and paste into an HTML box in Silex.

Here is a list of tested widgets for Silex, with detailed instructions, please add the one you will find in comments

Edit Silex files by hand

Silex is an HTML editor, so the files which you edit are standard HTML files. So you can edit your website with a text editor, like any other HTML file, and then re-open it in Silex. Silex will not alter the changes you will do and continue working normally.

Nevertheless, Silex includes some information it needs to edit the file, which are not needed to view it in a browser. So there is a process called publication, to cleanup and optimize everything when you are ready to release a version of your website.

Publish a Silex website online

When you go to the file menu and select publish, then Silex starts to export your site to a new location - to be set in the file menu, settings item. This exported, optimized version of your website will not be editable in Silex anymore. You will just put it online for your users.

Publish settings

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