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Silex publication process

The publication is a way to prepare your website for the web so that you will be able to make it available online. More information bellow.

How to publish your website

When you click on the File menu and then Publish, Silex will generate an optimized version of your website, without the data needed to edit the file, and with several improvements for the search engines and users.

screen shot 2014-12-29 at 12 41 20 pm

Silex will put the new version of your website to the location of your choice. You can set this location from the settings panel - File menu, then Settings. Click on the Browse button to choose a folder with the file browser.

screen shot 2014-12-29 at 12 46 00 pm

note: in the file browser, click the arrow on the right of the folder name to select this folder.

screen shot 2015-02-10 at 8

Make your site available online

The next step for you will probably be to make it available to the public. If you want to make your site available online, you will need a hosting.

With Silex you have several options, as explained bellow.

Use dropbox + a service provider

If you do not want to deal with the complexity of a "real" hosting, you can publish to your Dropbox, and then use a service like My.DropPages, Site 44 or or Forge, to get it live on the web. Or Bitballoon or netlify which do not support Dropbox but seem very simple.

These services let you make a dropbox folder available online, with a domain name like

They are free to use, but you need to pay to use your own domain name, and it is a little bit more expensive than a "real" hosting - around 10$/year instead. In fact the only drawback I see for these services is that the companies behind them are very fragile and may close from one day to another.

Host it yourself

It is recommended that you host your site yourself. This means that you will let a web hosting company or a non profit organization to put your data online - this may be free or paid service. You will then receive codes to access the folder they provide, so that you can transfer your data through FTP (automatic with Silex).

In the settings panel described above, click the browse button to open the file browser, and select FTP from the side bar - the second icon in the picture bellow.

screen shot 2014-12-29 at 1 23 25 pm

Then publish your site. Silex will transfer all the files to the distant folder.

Any web host can host the web sites I publish, since it is only HTML, CSS and Javascript files. In case you need one, Silex Labs foundation recommands these hosting companies:

  • Toile libre (website in french), french non profit organizations which offers a web hosting service for free, accepting donations and using only free software
  • Ouvaton (website in french), french cooperative hosting company
  • Arvixe which supports Silex development since 2010.
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Silex is technically closer to Wix or Squarespace, but in the philosophy more like Jekyll since it is free and open source, and one can [publish the website as static HTML/CSS/JS files](silexlabs/Silex#238)
This was referenced Jan 5, 2016

how do I publish to github pages?

JbIPS commented Mar 3, 2016

Same as the other. But you need to specify your path as
You can find more information on GitHub Pages


I am new to github too, what do you mean by same as the other. In silex editor, I have two publish settings, one with dropbox, and then ftp. Please elaborate what should i give to publish or open a file from github?

JbIPS commented Mar 4, 2016

First thing first, which version of Silex are you using? or
GitHub publication is only available on preprod

ieabbas commented Jul 30, 2016 edited

When I try to publish, I receive an "Unknown Service Undefined" error. What does this mean?

lexoyo commented Jul 30, 2016

Did you choose a folder in the settings > publication settings?

ieabbas commented Jul 31, 2016

Absolutely. I have designated a directory for the website to be published, and followed every step of the help process for publishing. I think it has something to do with the images I'm using, but I'm not sure really.

lexoyo commented Jul 31, 2016
ieabbas commented Jul 31, 2016 edited

The path was directly in my installed Dropbox. Basically


So if I want to save or publish anything I have to enter my Dropbox/WebDAV/FTP/GitHub username and password? It's not possible to save/publish to a local drive?
Seems more like a new and somewhat creative way of phishing than a website editor/designer.

lexoyo commented Aug 14, 2016


This is OAuth in most cases, the host do not even have your password. And when you authorize Silex to access your data, it opens a popup and not an iframe so that you can check that the URL is the one of the service, not the host of Silex instance

The reason why we do not save to local drive is that it would force you to install a software on your computer (which is even more risky if someone put a key logger in the project's executables (just joking))

You concerns are legitimate, so you are encouraged to look at the source code, and host your own instance of Silex. This is the only true way to trust only yourself (which is a good thing)

JbIPS commented Aug 14, 2016

I'd like to add the project managing the remote storages is unifile if you want to look at it 😄 You'll see the data aren't stored anywhere! Have fun using Silex

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