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What is Amfphp?

Amfphp is free and open source software, and an essential brick for the development of Web Applications. Amfphp is used in projects that cover a wide spectrum, from games to business applications. The role of Amfphp is to make connecting an application running in the browser with a server in the cloud as simple as possible.

Applications no longer run only on desktops, but must also be available on a variety of smartphones and tablets. It is becoming increasingly complex to code with the diversity of technologies used in these terminals. Amfphp is the best solution for creating accessible services to all terminals. Developers can focus on features unique to their projects, regardless of the communication between client and server.

Amfphp includes productivity tools in the "Back Office", a companion Web application, that contains a Service Browser, useful for testing, a Client Generator to give you functional client code, and a Profiler to measure performance.

How does it work?

Amfphp works as an entry point for your client. Your client sends a request to a PHP script on your server where Amfphp is loaded. It parses the request, loads the requested service, calls it, and returns the answer accordingly.

Amfphp is maintained by Silex Labs.

Amfphp, Simple Remoting for Web Applications


main Amfphp website



Source Code

Class Reference

Silex Labs

Package Contents

The Amfphp library itself Amfphp

The Back Office

The Examples Examples

The class reference

Some free Amfphp images

The license

The change log

The composer file(see Composer

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