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Version history
--------- 2.2.2 ---------
support for php 5.6 and preliminary support for php 7
better detection of service classes in Amfphp discorvery(for service browser)
--------- 2.2.1 ---------
fix basic typing of parameters in client generator
fix error message handling in back office
fix flex message monitoring
fix API doc
other small bugfixesÒ
--------- 2.2 -----------
Custom class converter renamed to VoConverter:
enforceConversion flag to throw exception when vo class not found
Add optimization for VO handling for AMF(not applicable to JSON because no callbacks)
array collection is now decoded straight to array
namespace support added for services and vos.
serviceFolderPaths renamed to serviceFolders
voFolderPaths renamed to voFolders
AmfphpIncludedRequest plugin deleted
Only throw an exception in error handler plugin if the error level would report it
backoffice :
add support for @amfphpHide in method comments so that the method is callable but does not appear in the back office.
move all service calls to client side (ajax)
fetch update info
add extra config option to avoid editing config directly(better for upgrades)
New Performance Monitor in back office.
Service browser :
Better use of service comments: comments appear in service browser, possibility to set default for use in service browser.
ace editor added to edit params
add possibility to call using AMF or JSON
basic load testing with AMF
truncate tree at 100 nodes to allow calls to methods that return large datasets
functionality all moved to client.
double-click method name makes calls method with default params
--------- 2.1.1 -----------
Flex Client Generator
example services for Authentication and User management with a Database(PHP Only)
authenticated back office
change AmfphpAuthentication session storage structure. might break some code in some projects, check on it
improved AMF version detection
support for static service methods
add composer.json for use with
generate zip of generated project
in service browser:
various ways to view result data including tree
improved use of scroll position
fix passing JSON objects
fix step by step debugging by removing dependency on curl and using included request plugin instead
--------- 2.1 -----------
client generators
service browser moved to backoffice
dummy, discovery service, and included request plugins
add priorities for filters
option to force amf3
access to AMF request and response packets
Typed Objects example
--------- 2.0.1 -----------
change everything from private to protected to allow better extensibility
possibility to add headers and messages in AMF response
call duration in service browser
support for receiving ArrayCollections is back(no sending back to client yet)
check arguments count option for service router
filter out methods starting with a '_', giving the possibility to have public methods that aren't accessible from clients.
--------- 2.0 -------------
AmfPhpGet plugin, for requests just using GET, and cross domain AJAX calls
config shared between plugins support added
switch to return or not error details, and support for custom error messages
service browser design
support for multiple plugin folders
plugins can now add services
--------- 2.0 rc1 ---------
better serialization of typed objects.
enhanced service browser plugin
IExternalizable support
fix xml, xmldoc, date types
refactor for phpdoc compatibility
change from gateway.php to index.php
miscellaneous bug fixes
--------- 2.0 alpha---------
Just about everything is rewritten and rethought except the AMF serializer/deserializer.
Introduction of the plugin/filter system
--------- 1.9 ---------
update code to make AMFPHP compatible with PHP 5.3
get rid of phpinfo.php
remove mxml source code from distrib
No notes before 1.9