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Hello haxers, here is the spot to help us organize the WWX2016


We'll put here all the communication materials we'll use for this year WWX. Feel free to improve them or create new ones by making pull requests!

If you're not into design/communication/development, go see the lastest issues to submit your ideas and discuss other's.

It's important for us that you feel free to improve WWX. That's why if an idea has a great number of supporters and is realisable (in time and budget), we'll do everything to make it happen in total transparency.

Don't wait anymore, help WWX2016 kicks WWX2015's ass!

Talks, Workshops, Hackathons

If you have a talk (~40min), a lightning talk (~15min), a workshop (several hours) or a hackathon that you would like to make/listen to/participate, feel free to submit a proposal through the issue tracker. Please do check the existing proposals beforehand.


All documents on this repository are under GPLv3 licence, so you're free to reuse, copy and transform them. Use them to spread the good news!