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List of Resources About Tryton

About Tryton

Is a three-tier high-level general purpose application platform under the license GPL-3 written in Python and using PostgreSQL as database engine.

It is the core base of a complete business solution providing modularity, scalability and security.

About Tryton Resources

Tryton is a great and live project. But we fell it could use better public relations and communication in order to grow. It has a very active developer community and many interesting connected projects (such as new web cliente Sao, and GNU Health, a complete health management solution). But Tryton remains somehow still largely unknown to the broad developer community.

This document is an initiative to increase the awareness arround Tryton, and it started as a personal list of web links we have been collecting as references. We decided to publish this list to the broader community, hoping that it could be mantained and enlarged by common effort.

Rules: The link should be about Tryton, its functionalities and its development process. The link can refer to persons, companies, documentation, code examples, repositories and any other Tryton Resource. Please check the list before sending your link to avoid duplicates. Please add to the link a little comment about its content. Try to put the link on the correct category. Put official links first. List the other links alphabetically.

Official Website

Official BugTracker and Codereview

Demo Server --> Demo server. It redirects you to the latest version number (for example, you would be redirected to for version x.y). It can be accessed directly on the browser now, thanks to sao. It can also be used with the desktop client.



Community WebSites


Events Past and Present (Chronological Order)

Forums and Mailing Lists






  • --> hg nested extension to Mercurial allows to work with subrepositories. Must have to work with Tryton, because every module is a subrepo, so it is very tedious to clone them all by and.


  • @tryton_org --> Official Tryton Foundation Twitter
  • @albertnan --> Albert Cervera y Areny: Board member of Tryton Foundation & co-owner of NaN·tic.
  • @brunovillasanti --> Bruno Villasanti: Developer at Thymbra
  • @cedrickrier --> Cédric Krier: Tryton leader, Python and Gentoo developer
  • @gcooplibre --> Gcoop
  • @nan_tic --> Nan-Tic: Catalunian company dedicated to Tryton ERP and other open source solutions.
  • @nicoe --> Nicolas Évrard: Developer at B2CK and one of the main mantainers of Tryton.
  • @meanmicio --> Luis Falcón: Creator of GNU Health. Doctor and computer scientist.
  • @pokoli_srk --> Sergi Almacenas: Developer at Nan-Tic
  • @rvnovaes --> Roberto Novaes: Director of Sílex Sistemas. Python developer. Humble creator of this list.
  • @sebastianmarro --> Thymbra Director. Member of GNU Solidario. Board member of Tryton Foundation.
  • @SISalp --> Sisalp: Hosting for Odoo, Tryton and OperERP
  • @silexsistemas --> Brazilian company dedicated to ERP development and to Tryton translation to Portuguese.
  • @tryton_erp --> Many news, mainly in French, about Tryton: Thymbra is an IT company specialized in ERPs administration (Tryton - GNU Health) and Medical Informatics.
  • @Thymbra_SA -->
  • @zikzakmedia --> Free software implementation for small business.