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Rider Proxy

  • Special thanks to BeachheadStudio who did an initial version of this, after copying VSCProxy by CapnCromulent, which in turn was based on the work of Tim Keating, who got the barebones event handler setup, and Allan Lavel, who did the heavy lifting for SublimeProxy

The aim of this project is to be able to use the new Project Rider, a C# IDE from Jetbrains, when creating amazing Games or other experiences in Unity 5. On a Mac.

To start using this quickly:

  • Copy the (inside the Builds directory) folder into your /Applications/ folder in the Mac.
  • On Unity, modify the Preferences > External Tools > External Script Editor to point to the RiderProxy app in the Applications folder.
  • It should now open the C# files in Rider!

You can alternatively build the stuff from the source using Xcode, fighting a bit with the settings while you are on it.

Differences from the BeachheadStudio implementation

  • Changed icon to use the one from Rider
  • Using the default Rider location at /Applications/Rider

Known issues

  • Project Rider itself is an EAP, so things can stop working anytime, and it is a matter of time that we will see some official support from Unity. Jetbrains do great IDEs.
  • Opening a file could be quicker, since it attempts every time to open a new Rider (though it finds the running one fine).
  • After changing project without changing Rider, Rider will complain. Close Rider if switching projects in Unity.


A proxy App to be able to open Unity 5 C# classes using the new Project Rider from Jetbrains, in Mac OS X






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