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Connect Ruby applications with the Bigcommerce Platform
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Bigcommerce API V2 - Ruby Client

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This library provides a wrapper around the Bigcommerce REST API for use within Ruby apps or via the console.


If you find anything that is missing or needs clean up, please feel free to fork it and submit a changes with your pull request.


  • Ruby 1.9+

To connect to the API, you need the following credentials:

  • Secure URL pointing to a Bigcommerce store
  • Username of an authorized admin user of the store
  • API key for the user

A valid API key is required to authenticate requests. To grant API access for a user, go to Control Panel > Users > Edit User and make sure that the 'Enable API access?' checkbox is ticked.


Download the lib folder and copy it to a path accessible within your app, or install the package directly from Rubygems:

gem install bigcommerce

Note that the RubyGems version of this gem might be outdated. You can install the gem directly from this repo. If you are using Rails, you can point your Gemfile to this git repo directly or do a local install of the gem by -

rake build
gem install pkg/bigcommerce-*.gem


To use the API client in your Ruby code, provide the required credentials as follows:

require 'bigcommerce'

api ={
	:store_url => "",
	:username  => "admin",
	:api_key   => "d81aada4c19c34d913e18f07fd7f36ca"

If you want to enable SSL certificates -

require 'bigcommerce'
api ={
	:store_url => "",
	:username  => "admin",
	:api_key   => "d81aada4c19c34d913e18f07fd7f36ca"
	:ssl_client_cert  =>"cert.pem")),
  	:ssl_client_key   =>"key.pem"), "passphrase, if any"),
  	:ssl_ca_file      =>  "ca_certificate.pem",
  	:verify_ssl       =>  OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER

Remember that the fields :ssl_client_cert, :ssl_client_key, :ssl_ca_file and :verify_ssl are all required when enabling SSL certificates.

Connecting to the store

Ping the time method to check that your configuration is working and you can connect successfully to the store:

ping = api.time


The API object acts as a gateway to all top level resources in the V2 API.

Fetch Data

orders = api.orders
orders = api.orders({:min_id=>100,:max_id=>101})
orders = api.orders(:is_deleted => true)

products = api.products
products = api.products(:description=>"iphone", :condition=>"New")

options = api.options
options = api.options(:type=>"MT")

Create Data

api.create_products({:name => "Spiderman - The best return",:price => 9.99,:categories => [17],:type =>"physical",:availability => "available", :weight => 1})

api.update_products(31,{:name => "marvel comics spiderman",:sku => "marvel-spidey-1", :inventory_tracking => "simple", :inventory_level => 500})

api.update_orders(101,{:status_id => 12, :is_deleted => true})

Update Data

api.update_products(31,{:name => "marvel comics spiderman",:sku => "marvel-spidey-1", :inventory_tracking => "simple", :inventory_level => 500})

api.update_optionsets(13,{:name => "Marvel toys"})

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