A C# wrapper for the libev library
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libev-sharp is a wrapper around the libev ( http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/libev.html ) library.

Currently the only supported operations are:
 * IOWatcher - A wrapper around ev_io for watching IO operations
 * TimerWatcher -  A wrapper around ev_timer for creating timers
 * PrepareWatcher - A wrapper around ev_prepare, will be called before each blocking wait call
 * CheckWatcher - A wrapper around ev_check, will be called after each blocking wait call.

Nested loops are not supported.  You can only create and operate on the default loop.

When a Watcher is started, it is GC handled, so it will not be freed. So you must Stop or Dispose all of your Watcher objects when you are done with them or they will live forever.

This project is mainly meant to be used by the Manos project ( http://github.com/jacksonh/manos ) so likely will not be fully productized with documentation, tests, examples, ect, unless there is a need.