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pages of my wife’s site
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Sources of my site and index.en.html are just master files. The pages will be generated from them by the following command:

saxon -xsl:blenderei-html.xsl -s:index.[lang].html

where saxon is a suitable front-end script for an XSLT 2 processor and [lang] is de or en. The generated pages will be written to the htdocs/[lang]/ folder. If you open blenderei.xpr in oXygen, you can also use the transformation scenario called index on or index.en.html.

Don’t edit the generated HTML files in the htdocs directory. They will eventually be overwritten.

We’ll probably add some JS to make an additional single-page app from index.html because on some devices, there is some flickering when jumping between static pages. The statically generated pages will remain there as a fallback and for indexing.

Before rsyncing the htdocs directory, make sure that you copy lightGallery/light-gallery/ to htdocs.

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