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Command-Line CPPN Tool

Generate and train CPPN images in a variety of ways.


From source

git clone
cd cppn-cli

Set up some kind of Python environment ...

conda create -n cppn-cli python=3

Install your TensorFlow version

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow-gpu # GPU
conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow     # No GPU

Install in dev mode

python develop

Done! The executable named cppn should now be on your path.


See cppn --help and sub-commands for more detail.

Example 1 - Random new CPPN

cppn new \
       --net_size 10 \
       --z_dim 3 \
       --activations tanh,relu \
       --colours 3 \
       --out images/example.png \
       generate \
       --width 500 \
       --height 500


Example 2 - Match a given image

Given the following image named images/ext/colour1.png:


cppn new \
       --net_size 200 \
       --z_dim 10 \
       --activations tanh,tanh,tanh,tanh,tanh,tanh \
       --colours 3 \
       --out images/matched-colour1.png \
       match \
       --image images/ext/colour1.png --steps 10000


(See also the sample command to sample from a previously-trained model.)

Fun hacks - Video Brane

We can make cool videos: Video-Brane.

This was done in a few steps:

  1. From the trained model above,
  2. I ran sample with z_steps=40, and border=7.
  3. Then, I again sampled, with border=7 and border_steps=20
  4. Then I merged all the images into a video!

Some good models

Found via hyper-opt.

With: max_iter = 10, steps=500

net_size = 41
z_dim = 2
activations = tanh*9
lr = 0.01

With: max_ier = 50, steps=500

--net_size 49 
--z_dim 2 
--activations relu,tanh,relu,tanh 
--steps 2000 
--lr 0.01
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