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GNU Emacs Configuration

This is my configuration for GNU Emacs. It is useful for any EPITA student and anyone who wants to have an efficient emacs config to code in C, C++, Java and even OCaml.

This configuration started in November 2010, derived from mefyl's configuration. Mefyl is a former ACU 2008, he gave us an awesome lecture at EPITA on October 5, 2009. Here are the slides.


  1. Grab GNU Emacs (23.* version!), use your package manager for Linux. For Mac OS X, use a Universal Binary (recommended) or Carbon Emacs (a little obsolete now) and/or MacPorts (to update the Terminal version easily). I dislike Aquamacs. Windows users can get it directly from GNU.

  2. Download and extract the latest tarball or zipball of my configuration.

  3. Copy configuration files:

    • On Unix-like systems, you can simply link the directory with the command ln -s <extracted-dir> ~/.emacs.d.

    • On Windows, search for the section 3.5 Where do I put my init file? in GNU Emacs FAQ For MS Windows, and follow the instructions (basically put the configuration files in an .emacs.d directory in your own Application Data directory).

Resources for Emacs

Some interesting places to learn more about Emacs:


This configuration is used almost daily under Mac OS X, frequently under Linux (Arch Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu), and occasionally under FreeBSD and Windows, for general text editing, and for programming. In case of problems, running the last version of everything usually helps.


Files are licensed under the same license as Emacs unless otherwise specified. See the file COPYING for details.