QuickLook plugin for .torrent files
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BitTorrent Quick Look Preview


This is a Quick Look generator plugin which displays the content of a BitTorrent file. It is useful if you ever have to sort through torrent files that are named by 10 year old children, but don't feel like firing up your client just to see what's in it.


  1. Download the last compiled version of the project: version 1.0.

  2. Copy the file qltorrent.qlgenerator into (if the folder is not present, then you will need to create it first):

    • ~/Library/QuickLook, if just you want to use this plugin, or into

    • /Library/QuickLook, if you want any user on this machine to use it.

  3. You may need to reset Quick Look Server and all Quick Look client's generator cache: open up Terminal and type qlmanage -r.


This Quick Look plugin uses the BEncoding framework by Nathan Ollerenshaw (Cocoa BitTorrent Utilities). Thanks to him.


The BitTorrent Protocol Specification: Official protocol specification.

A detailed specification wiki maintained by the development community: BitTorrent Specification.

Article about Bencode on Wikipedia.