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#dkr Experimental

A command to make life easier when using Docker on the CLI, it is designed as a development tool and therefore makes some assumptions about your development environment.

Only tested on my Mac laptop so:

Pull requests and Issues welcome!


sudo curl -L > /usr/local/bin/dkr && sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/dkr


dkr help

To get the latest version of the script

dkr update


Build and Run

    dkr do
    dkr build-run

Build Docker Image from this Directory

    dkr bld

Run Image built with bld

    dkr rn
    dkr drun

Open browser at port and path

    dkr open 8080
    dkr open 8080 subdir/file.html


To remove all images and containers to free up space:

  dkr clean

To remove all images and containers even if they are in use to free up space:

  dkr fcn
  dkr force-clean

Run Bash Shell

    dkr bsh
    dkr bash
    dkr bash -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock debian:jessie

Fix Problems with docker-machine

    dkr fix-mac

Bash Shell

To run a bash shell in Ubuntu (maybe to check how a command works or something).

   dkr bash

Update dkr

   dkr upd
   dkr update-dkr


Please fork and switch to the dev branch and create PRs from their.

To test the dev branch:

sudo curl -L > /usr/local/bin/_dkr && sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/_dkr

Then use the _dkr command instead of dkr for testing, you can also use _dkr update safely as it will only update the dev version.