BASH like lightweight. reactive dynamic scripting language for the JVM - Apache 2.0 (liberal) license
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Full documentation at and the manual is at

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Dollar is a light-weight scripting language for the JVM. More specifically it is an integration centric, reactive dynamic programming language.

It is currently being built for the needs of server-side developers and Java developers in general who need to produce quick prototypes or write simple scripts. Furthermore it is an internet centric language where JSON and URIs are first class citizens.

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The language is currently in early but active development.

I'm also working full-time on this, if you wish to support my efforts then please back me on Patreon:


And/or star the project on GitHub.


Example to find out your local air quality:

//First we get the Geo Location of our IP address
var geo= read
var lat= geo.latitude
var lon= geo.longitude

var quality= read (""+ lat + "," + lon) as URI;

//Now output the quality from each result
quality.results each {
    @@ $1.location
    @@ $1.parameter +" was "+ $1.value +  " " + $1["unit"] +" on " + $

Learn more at


Download the distribution then run the following in your shell:

    tar -zxvf dollar-0.4.5195.tgz

To use dollar:

    ./dollar/bin/dollar <filename>.ds


Documentation is at


Download it Now


The artifacts used to build the Dollar project can be accessed using

                    <name>S3 Release Repository for component1</name>



Dependencies: Dependency Status


There is a docker image, but it is in it's infancy so better to work with the distribution for now.

docker run -v $HOME/.github:/root/.github -v $HOME/.dollar:/root/.dollar -v $(pwd):/build -it sillelien/dollarscript-headless:0.4  <filename>.ds

Docker Registry

Research & Background Reading

Language Design

Lambdas and Scope Closure

Font Ligatures

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(c) 2014-2017 Neil Ellis all rights reserved. Please see LICENSE for license details of this project. Please visit for help and raise issues on GitHub.

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