Configure your Docker containers via S3
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This image provides a container that will download all your secure keys from one of your S3 buckets and then put it into a shared volume. The other containers then just map to that volume, then send the configuration to their applications using stdin (or whatever method suits) as a non-root user.

It also avoids you checking in environment variables containing keys to Github by accident. Just deploy this as a stack manually with the Tutum button and let it get them from AWS instead.

1 Create an S3 bucket

2 Add a configuration file

3 Add the environment variables as follows:

    - AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<your-key>
    - AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<your-secret>
    - S3_BUCKET=<the-s3-bucket>
    - S3_CONF_SOURCE_FILE=<your-s3-file-name> #No path, just a name
    - S3_CONF_DEST_FILE=<your-local-file> #No path, just a name

4 Map the volume /conf to a directory on your host

5 Deploy this image to every host in your environment.

6 On other containers map the volume from (4) to /conf (read-only)

7 Use a line like the following, it must run as root and your app shouldn't.

cat /conf/conf.yml | su appuser -c "node myapp.js"

8 Make sure your app reads from stdin like above so that we don't leak information.

If you're unsure take a look at docker-compose.yml it's all in there.

To deploy an example on Tutum (change the AWS credentials after clicking):

Deploy to Tutum