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Jenkins Job Definitions

This repo contains definitions of our Jenkins jobs (consisting of groovy scripts) as well as shell scripts used in these jobs. Additional shell scripts can be found in the FwSupportTools repo.

File Structure

├── bash                    # Shell script files
├── groovy                  # DSL script files (job definitions)
├── src
│   ├── main
│   │   ├── groovy          # support classes
│   │   └── resources
│   │       └── idea.gdsl   # IDE support for IDEA
│   └── test
│       └── groovy          # specs
├── Tests                   # NUnit tests
└── build.gradle            # build file

Information for developers

The Jenkins jobs will be created by the Job-Wrapper-Seed-debug job which runs some tests and then executes the groovy scripts.

The tests can be run on a local machine by running:

./gradlew clean test

This can helpful because it reveals any syntax errors in the scripts.

The tests can also be run by the included VS Code task.

(see job-dsl-gradle-example for additional information about the setup of gradle)

Ubuntu bionic and gradlew

gradlew 3.4.1 requires openjdk 8 sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless

if you already have openjdk 11 installed then sudo update-alternatives --config java to set openjdk 8 as the default java

Sometimes gradlew claims success but doesn't run all the tests. Delete scripts that you aren't testing e.g. groovy/Bloom* groovy/LfMerge* groovy/Mono* and make sure that the script you have changed does pass. Don't forget to git checkout -- them before you commit.