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Kinship Analysis software for field workers in Anthropology and Bible translation
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SILKin is a generic Java app with 2 major functions:

  1. Support a field worker who is gathering genealogical data and kin terms in order to analyze the kinship terminology and concepts in a new language. Allow User to draw family tree diagrams, labeling each node (person or family) with details e.g. name, birth & death dates, and kin terms relative to a particular Ego. Record the kinship data in dyads.
  2. When invoked by User, apply a Machine Learning algorithm to the collected data (dyads) to induce definitions for each kin term and identify similarities to previously-analyzed kinship systems in the SILKin library. In addition to proposing definitions, also identify potential synonyms, umbrella terms, or anomalies in the data.
Latest Release of SILKin is 2.1.1

This release includes a number of fixes including support for right-to-left Scripts. There is a Windows installer available too. To get the released versions (rather than the source which is available on this site) got to

The SIL site has complete information about SILKin, including news, FAQ, installation procedures, Help & Tutorials. It also has bug reporting facilities and notes for developers who may wish to join this project or fork it.

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