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D&D Beyond Character Importer

To use the the tool, use the button available in the Actor List (for GMs only) or in the Actor Sheet header (for all players). Instructions are provided in the prompt.


Requires FVTT version 0.1.0 or higher

Video Demo by 8bit_noise

Video Demo

Installation Instructions

To install a module, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the zip file included in the module directory. If one is not provided, the module is still in early development.
  2. Extract the included folder to public/modules in your Foundry Virtual Tabletop installation folder.
  3. Restart Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Tools Support

Tools do not have a pre-defined ability score assigned used to make ability checks with them. To import them correctly to the actor sheet, they need to be added to your skills section in D&D Beyond.

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