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SIL Writing Systems Technology

Part of SIL Language Technology, and formerly known as the SIL Non-Roman Script Initiative

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  1. graphite graphite Public

    Graphite is a "smart font" system developed specifically to handle the complexities of lesser-known languages of the world.

    C++ 143 43

  2. FDBP FDBP Public

    Font Development Best Practice documentation

    CSS 124 9

  3. font-charis font-charis Public

    Fonts for languages and writing systems that use the Latin and Cyrillic scripts

    Perl 68 7

  4. font-gentium font-gentium Public

    Fonts for languages and writing systems that use Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts

    Perl 68 5

  5. pysilfont pysilfont Public

    Python-based font utilities collection and framework

    Python 60 16

  6. font-andika font-andika Public

    A font family designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers

    Perl 48 5


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