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@jvgaultney jvgaultney released this Aug 30, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

Initial release, supporting the broad variety of writing systems that use the Miao (Pollard) script. Eight language-specific font families are supported in this release, each reflecting the particular preferences of that language community:

  • Salaowu - for Wuding-Luquan Yi / Hei Yi / Nasu [ywqa]
  • Sapushan - for Large Flowery Miao / Dahua Miao / A-Hmao [hmd]
  • Shimenkan Guifan - alternate for Large Flowery Miao using the Normalised Miao orthography [hmdd]
  • Shimenkan GSM - for Gepo / Bai Yi [ygp]
  • Shimenkan MAS - for Small Flowery Miao / Xiaohua Miao [sfm]
  • Shimenkan MGS - for Sinicized Miao / Waishu Miao / Hmong Shua [hmz]
  • Shimenkan Zonghe - for Aluo / Gan Yi [yna]
  • Taogu - for Lipo / Dong Lisu [lpo]

The font family named simply 'Shimenkan' supports all languages through language-specific OpenType features.

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