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Pysilfont - a collection of utilities for font development

Pysilfont is a collection of tools to support font development, with an emphasis on UFO-based workflows. With some limitations, all UFO scripts in Pysilfont should work with UFO2 or UFO3 source files - and can convert from one format to the other.

In addition, all scripts will output UFOs in a normalized form, designed to work with source control systems.

Please read the main documentation in the docs folder for more details. Within there is a list of scripts.


Pysilfont requires Python 3.6+ and pip3. Some scripts also need other libraries.

Simple install

To just install the main scripts without cloning the github repository run:

sudo python3 -m pip install git+

This will allow you to run the scripts listed in, but won’t give access to the example scripts or give you the code locally to look at.

Full install

First clone this repository or download the files from this github URL. Then navigate to the resulting pysilfont directory and run:

sudo python3 -m pip install .

in the pysilfont directory

Uninstalling pysilfont

pip3 can be used to uninstall pysilfont:

sudo pip3 uninstall pysilfont

Contributing to the project

Pysilfont is developed and maintained by SIL International’s Writing Systems Technology team , though contributions from anyone are welcome. Pysilfont is copyright (c) 2014-2021 SIL International and licensed under the MIT license. The project is hosted at