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Workflow for building, modifying, and contributing to SIL font projects. Read it at
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SIL Font Development Notes

How to build, modify, and contribute to SIL International font projects. It is applicable to the following projects:

This site is specifically for SIL font projects, however the content is equally applicable to any other projects that use the open font workflow described here.

General Info

  • The anticipated content of the book can be found in the document.
  • Each page is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) and begins with Jekyll front matter which specifies the title, category, weight (page sort order), outline level (similar to the weight, but showing the hierarchy), published status, and layout (page template - bookpage is currently used by all pages).
  • The GFM pages are in the en-US folder.
  • Some of the current pages are placeholders which need to be filled out and/or replaced by several pages.
  • If you find errors or problems please create Github issues for them. That's the best way to get our attention.


We gratefully acknowledge this site is modeled on Design With FontForge on GitHub.

We also gratefully acknowledge all the hard work that has gone into the various software tools we will be using throughout the workflow. Thanks to all the developers and maintainers!

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