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2006 May 16
These TECkit mapping files are for the following fonts:

SILHTBI_.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Bold Italic 
SILHTB__.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Bold 
SILHT___.TTF	SIL Heb Trans 
SILHTI__.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Italic

SILHTCBI.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Caps Bold Italic 
SILHTCB_.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Caps Bold 
SILHTCI_.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Caps Italic
SILHTC__.TTF	SIL Heb Trans Caps 

The mapping file is denoted with an asterisk (*). Below the mapping file name are the names of the truetype fonts
for which you can use the mapping file.

Note that not all of the mapping files are complete or accurate and they have only been minimally tested. 
If you have corrections to make, please email: <>

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