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System developed for Liceo Zucchi high school, Monza, Italy.
This repo is made up of two folders: one contains the program to be flashed onto an Arduino Leonardo that is used to manage the inputs from sensor and counting stuff, the other containing the sources for a program to be run on a PC that fetches data from the Arduino.

Installation procedure for the PC side:

  • make shure you have GCC 5.0 or higher (this is needed to compile correctly Regex class)
  • cd to PC folder
  • edit the makefile to specify a directory in wich install the program
  • optionally change the program's name
  • give the "make" command
  • give the "make install" command to install the executable

Usage is:
executablename serialPort templateFileName outputFileName

As an example: contapersone /dev/ttyS0 template.html output.html

For further info see (currently the page is only in italian language)

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