An in-progress fast, dependently typed, functional programming language implemented in Swift.
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silt Build Status

Silt is an work-in-progress dependently typed functional programming language. Its syntax and type system are reminiscent of Idris and Agda, but it compiles directly to native code through LLVM. We aim for silt to be GC-free by lowering to an intermediate representation that tracks object lifetimes.


Silt builds with the Swift Package Manager. Clone the repository and run

swift build

and an executable will be produced at .build/debug/silt.


Silt is released under the MIT License, a copy of which is available in this repository.


We welcome contributions from programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels. We've strived to create an environment that encourages learning through contribution, and we pledge to always treat contributors with the respect they deserve. We have adopted the Contributor Covenant as our code of conduct, which can be read in this repository.

For more info, and steps for a successful contribution, see the Contribution Guide.


Robert Widmann (@CodaFi)

Harlan Haskins (@harlanhaskins)