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This extension provides native Short URLs in `Silva`_. It allows users
to manage short hyperlinks to any Silva content item. It's
particularly useful for Twitter postings.

Instead of sending a URL such as: (51 characters)

It’s much better to send a URL like:$jUe8eg (27 characters)

Additionally, Custom Short URLs can be created, for instance: (32 characters)

These provide a memorable URL that’s better for communication since the
path contains meaning as opposed to gibberish. It’s especially effective
for usage in other mediums like email and print.

When the extension is activated a *Short URLs* entry appears in Silva's
Settings menu. The screen displays the Short URL for that item and
provides a form for creating Custom Short URLs.

This feature can be combined with a short domain name to redirect a site
visitor to the destination content.

Code repository

Source code can be found in Git:

.. _Silva:


Short url generation for Silva CMS


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