Define a reference engine usable by Silva content
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``silva.core.references`` is a core `Silva`_ extension that defines
directed references between two Silva content: a source and
target. With the help of a central catalog, you have the possibility
to query the references in both direction: who is the target if I am
the source, and who is the source if I am the target.

References are tagged with different names, and can be found by
searching on one of those names.

Unless you use weak references, you can't remove an content which is a
target of a reference, you will get an error. If you used a weak
reference, the source will be removed.

This extension provides you with a set of fields and widgets that can
be used in forms (`zeam.form`_ and Formulator) in SMI.


This extension is used to manage links and relations in Silva
Document, Silva Ghost and Silva Link for instance.

Code repository

The code for this extension can be found in Git at:

.. _zeam.form:
.. _Silva: