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My Mac OS X scripts for different needs (may need some of my Mac OS X command line utils)
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macscripts - my collection of useful OS X shell scripts

When I come to a problem that can be solved with shell scripting, I put a solution here. Feel free to fork and modify my code.

Some explanations

.gitconfig - my config for git. All my favorite aliases live here.

.profile - bash profile, common defines, functions, etc, for bash. I use zsh for now, but I really call this file from .zshrc.

.zshrc - zsh settings. - script for building gcc 4.7 for OS X. - script for converting any video to iOS-compatible format (mpeg4/aac). This script uses ffmpeg for real work. As an arguments, pass list of files to convert (for example, ./ *.avi). Resulting filenames are the same as in input, but with .mp4 extension. - a wrapper for du which outputs results in a human-readable format and sorted by size. - a wrapper for ffmpeg and ImageMagic's convert which converts any video file to gif format. Quality is bad so it needs some optimization. - when called from git repository, outputs current branch name. If you are in detached head state, it outputs empty string. - alias for git pull origin $@. - alias for $( - alias for git push origin $@. - alias for $( - exports list of scripts to be installed in /usr/local/bin. - installs some scripts in /usr/local/bin (as symlinks without .sh) - highly customizable utility for creating .dmg image from an application. See for more information (in russian) or use -h for short help message. - opens random file from current directory (recursive) with open command. This script uses my randstr command line tool. - script for creating html report from svn diff. Uses - simple tool for browsing svn log.

Really, I don't use svn anymore, so these scripts are subject to remove. - toggles OS X Finder's "show hidden files" option. - removes all scripts installed by

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