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Case Conversion

A plugin for JetBrain IDEs to convert between cases.

The plugin provides actions to convert to these cases:

  • snake_case
  • dash-case
  • camelCase
  • PascalCase
  • lower case
  • fLIP cASE
  • Title Case
  • Sentence case

The Plugin was inspired by the Case Conversion Plugin for SublimeText.

How to use

Select the text you want to convert and then invoke the desired action. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Use the menu bar: The actions of this plugin can be found in "Edit" > "Convert Case"
  • Use the Find Action feature: Bring up the "Find Action" search dialog (default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+A) and type the name of the desired convert action (or type "Convert Case" to see all actions). Tip: This search uses fuzzy matching so you can just type "camcas" for "Convert Case: camelCase".
  • Create a keyboard shortcut: Open Settings > Keymap and search for "Convert Case" and create a keyboard shortcut for the desired action.


The plugin has a configuration page in the "Settings" window of the IDE. You can find it under Tools > Case conversion.

Currently there is only one configuration option:

  • Treat newline as: Can be either "White space" in which case selected line breaks will be treated like every other white space (i.e. as a word separator), or it can be "Record separator" in which case each line will be converted individually. The default is "White space".


You can send patches, bugreports or feature-requests to laria-code at laria dot me. You can also go to the mirrored GitHub repo ( and create a pull request.