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MDX for Visual Studio Code

Adds language support for MDX.


You can install this extension from the Marketplace.

What about .md files?

By default the MDX language is applied only to .mdx files. If MDX files in your project end with .md, you can tell VS Code that by adding the following to your workspace settings:

"files.associations": {
  "*.md": "mdx"

Note that once you do that, any settings associated to [markdown] will stop applying to .md files. For example, if you had something like this in your settings:

"[markdown]": {
    "editor.wordWrap": "wordWrapColumn",
    "editor.wordWrapColumn": 100

You probably want to replace it by this:

"[mdx]": {
    "editor.wordWrap": "wordWrapColumn",
    "editor.wordWrapColumn": 100

Auto-close tags

If you want VS Code to automatically close tags while you type, you can install Auto Close Tag and configure it to also include the language mdx:

"auto-close-tag.activationOnLanguage": [