H8_mini blue board version firmware
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Build Status

H8mini Blue board version###

Specific Blue instructions: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2721755-H8-blue-board-flashing-instructions#post35501995

From rcg user kmtam

Hi all, I finally got the h8mini blue board erased and flashed to Silverxxx firmware after zillion times of tried and error. The board's labelled wrong with the CLK and DAT got swapped....

This is how I got it work from the STLINK to the H8mini blue board: SWDIO->CLK GND->GND SWCLK->DAT

Thanks Silverxxx for this wonderful firmware! Cheers!

From rcg user ketsa

Thanks!!! I finally managed to flash my blue board.

It was not straightforward, I tried the suggested connections and was still getting "ST-LINK USB communication error."

I then found a file in my keil directory named "ST-LinkUpgrade.exe" So I Upgraded the FW of my ST-link to "V2.J24.S4 > > > STM32+STM8 Debugger"

Then i was getting a different message : "no target" hmm. progress. but still not flashing. Then I removed the battery, plugged it in and it erased !

I tried to flash : "no target."

Replug battery, and it flashed !

From rcg user silverxxx

I made a blue board quad to see what's happening with the flashes.

So far I found out that it does indeed stop working after the st-link gets disconnected from usb. This seems some software issue, maybe with keil.

The st-link starts working after it is used in some other way , such as: flash another quad with keil(not blue board) , use > the "st-link utility" and connect to a board(even blue), use openocd and connect to a board (even blue).

After the "st-link usb communication error" comes up , you have to disconnect the st-link and reconnect it, or the above > fixes do not work.

Another find was that the nucleo built in st-link does not have this issue. It also does not get detected by the st-link firmware updater. A nucleo board is about $12

I'll have to find a more permanent solution, although openocd could be made a shortcut.

The last 2 posts refer to windows and keil only

This port supports both acro only and dual mode. To enable acro only, an option exist in config.h.

The H8 board - blue version - uses a stm32f030 and a XN297L 3 wire radio. The XN297L is differerent from the XN297 in that is supports 250K rate, and the debug registers are different. XN297L datasheet (use google translate)

Flashing instructions

CG023 instructions: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2634611

Specific Blue instructions: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2721755-H8-blue-board-flashing-instructions#post35501995

Linux/gcc version

The gcc version compiles close to 16k, and may need turning off features in order to make it fit. Read install.md for additional information.





  • devo telemetry
  • high angle - up to 90 in level mode
  • autovdrop
  • trims on stock tx for switching


  • added tx autocenter for stock tx
  • added extra devo channels that were MIA
  • bluetooth beacon was added previously


  • added updates from cg023 build
  • now using hardware i2c for full speed (1 Mhz)


  • fixed low rates control issue in yaw+roll


  • added gestures
  • changed imu from the experimental one that somehow made it in, to the old one


  • added linux compilation support


  • minor update
  • additional protocols now work