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Motor Bridge Cape and BBG (BeagleBone Green)/Python Scripts
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This is a Motor Bridge Cape addition for the BeagleBone Green or other target boards
w/ including software


The software for was typed up by a different person. That info. is listed in
that specific file. I did have help from this page online to start the software example(s).


So...if you are using your library w/ the Motor Bridge Cape, use to
run your favorite bunch of motors. I personally have two geared motors for the software 
example listed here as "" under MBC. MBC, as you guessed it, stands for Motor Bridge


You will have to go to and use the
Adafruit_BBIO library to make things "officially" work.

If you are up-to-date w/ your version of Adafruit_BBIO, you may need to downgrade to version
1.0.3 by using this bunch of commands:

sudo pip uninstall Adafruit_BBIO

and ultimately this command:

sudo pip install Adafruit_BBIO==1.0.3


Linux beaglebone 4.14.71-ti-r80 is listed when I perform the cmd: uname -r. Debian Image 2018-10-07 is listed when I peform this cmd: cat /etc/dogtag

If you need assistance w/ set up or breakdown of the BBG for your Motor Bridge Cape, either
look to me or find another route. Godspeed!

There has been some updates recently w/ the Motor Bridge Cape library b/c of 
Adafruit_BBIO changes. You can look online for the respected changes at this specific address: and here:


P.S. If you need to be assisted w/ any ideas belonging to this page, let me know. Outside of that, enjoy! I may be
adding new content soon. I will keep everyone updated.

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