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Hello...this is GHI's LoadCape w/ GHI manufactured it to the specs. of someone once for all I know.


Starter Software


I have listed some starter software for your LoadCape. Add battery support to your LoadCape.

If you are using a GND, which you should always use, try Sink1 on your LoadCape. A small battery can run your LoadCape and if you are powering motors, you can power those separately w/ the positive leads while the motors GND wiring goes to Sink1.


So, say this is your motor: positive & negative
                            |          |
                            |          goes to Sink1 on the LoadCape
                            goes to battery1

Do not forget to power your LoadCape w/ an additional battery supply.


Oh and you can use sys_5v from your BBB to power the board for testing.